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Moroccan Officials Working With Ctrip To Boost Chinese Interest

Ctrip, in conjunction with the National Tourism Office in Morocco, will work to increase Chinese tourism to the country.

The agreement, which is in effect for three years, will use various digital marketing campaigns to raise awareness about various Moroccan destinations Chinese should check out. Moroccan officials approved a visa exemption policy back in 2016, making it easier for Chinese to visit the country. Officials have also come up with a China-Morocco Year of Culture and Tourism event, set to take place in 2020.

Ctrip co-founder and Chairman James Liang said Moroccan has a lot to offer Chinese visitors, but the number of Chinese to visit the country has been extremely low. He said the goal is to change this and entice Chinese tourists to visit the beautiful country.

Ctrip, which is an Internet travel agency, will work to increase social media awareness about the country, create a package tour product and work on other collaborative projects that allow Moroccan citizens to financially benefit from the increased tourism.

Since the inception of the visa exemption policy, there has been a more than 75 percent rise in the number of Chinese tourists to the country – from 43,000 in 2016 to around 200,000 in 2018. Ctrip flight information shows that Morroco is the third most popular African destination for Chinese tourists – Namibia and Rwanda were first and second.

There was a 140 percent increase in the number of fights to Morocco from China in a one-year span.

Morocco Tourism, Air Transport, Handicrafts and Social Economy Minister Mohamed Sajid said the goal is to entice 500,000 Chinese tourists to visit the country during the 2020 year, and with Ctrip’s assistance, he and other officials feel this is more than possible. He said the real goal is to become one of the top 20 destinations to visit in the world.

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